In Reflection

Over the course of the semester, I experienced many lows with a few highs. While the subject matter of this course is something I am extremely interested in, I had a really hard time managing my time with my internship and other courses. In retrospect, I would have asked for help more than once in trying to find a solution in regards to my internship instead of getting bogged down to the point where I shut down. In previous internships, I have had a hard time saying no when high demands were put on me.  I have learned that I absolutely have to say no sometimes and that it’s okay. That is probably one of the biggest lessons I have learned this semester. In this course, I loved being able to hear how guest speakers used social media in their careers and their tips for after graduation. I thought it was interesting to follow a company who actively uses social media to reach their audience and analyze how it may affect their business.  Before this semester, I didn’t know too much about SEO or Google Alerts. Tools like these are definitely something I can take into my first job in the public relations field. Being able to calculate ROI is also something I believe will benefit me within my first job. If I am able to show measurable results to my supervisors from social media activity, they will understand the importance in using social media to reach their audience in addition to traditional marketing.


Being Thankful

During this time of year, it is important to take the time to remember what we are truly thankful for.

Above all, I am thankful for my parents. In the years I have been away at college, my parents and I’s relationship has only grown stronger. This is something I am truly grateful for. I have been blessed with two extremely supportive and loving parents who want nothing more than to see me succeed in life.

Aside from my parents, I am thankful for my entire family. I am the youngest of four siblings and have two nieces who  bring me a lot of joy. Spending time with my family is the one thing that can make me happier than anything else.

I am extremely thankful that my parents have always been able to provide for me. As a child, I never went without even when my dad was laid off immediately following 9/11. I am thankful for the great parenting example they set for me.

I am also very thankful for my health. Over the past few years I have witnessed a lot of tragedy and I am grateful that I am able to breathe, run, and engage in activities other 20-year-olds do because of my good health.

I am thankful that I am lucky enough to have been able to go to college. According to the Huffington Post, only 6.7 percent of the world has earned a college degree. It is something that so many of us take for granted because it is expected of us. However, it is a privilege that I am grateful to have had.

Everyday I am thankful that my heart softened a little last year and I rescued a tiny gray kitty. He has been the source of many late night cuddles, sandpaper kisses, and someone to come home to after a bad day.

I am thankful for my people. The people who stand beside me, love me unconditionally, and offer me friendship even when I don’t deserve it.

I am appreciative of the experiences and lessons that I have learned from joining and becoming a member of a sorority. This is something that completely changed my life for the better and made me want to be a better person. I am thankful that even after I graduate, I will always be a sorority woman.

I am thankful for the many opportunities I have been given during college to ensure I was a marketable candidate after graduation. Without being hired for internships, jobs, or leadership positions – I would not be as prepared to enter the job force.

Lastly, I am thankful for fresh starts. I am excited to start over after graduation and settle into a new city. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do so.

Feedback Features – Week 13

I agree that most retail store apps are just a bonafide collection of their inventory. I would never let an app take up storage space on my phone that only serves this purpose when I can see the inventory in store or online.

I am similar about checking product reviews of beauty products before buying! I will watch a YouTube video and kind of know what I am looking for but then completely forget when I get to Sephora so it helps to be able to pull it back up and reference it before I make my purchase.

Shopping until your iPhone drops

I do not go anywhere with my phone… unless for some frightening reason I cannot find it. Shopping is no exception. Most of the time, I just have it with me to text, stay updated on social media, or make calls. However, sometimes I use it while shopping to look for coupons, price match, or reference Pinterest to make sure what I’m getting is exactly what I was looking for. I would be lying if I said that these in-store moments of using my iPhone didn’t influence my purchase decisions. For example, if I am at Hobby Lobby and I want to purchase something that isn’t already on special – I will search for the company’s weekly coupon to use at checkout. If the coupon isn’t applicable to what I am purchasing, I may or may not end up making the purchase. I have recently begun using the new Cartwheel app by Target when making in-store purchases. It allows you to store deals into the app that appeal to you and then use them when you checkout. I have found it to be beneficial because I only check the app when I’m already shopping to see if what I want has a deal and it doesn’t send me promotional emails when I am not interested in making a purchase. My client, PetSmart, could benefit from using the same model when building an app. While PetSmart’s prices are lower than their competitors, customers still like to get a deal and know how much they are able to save.

Feedback Features – Week 10

Kelsey, I definitely agree with you that there needs to be a further breakdown to determine the lifestyle these moms are living. In my opinion, I find it kind of alarming that they are spending so much time on social media if they are a stay at home mom. Who is watching your kids?! On the other hand, if they have full-time jobs, that doesn’t look good either.

It does make sense that moms with younger children would use social media more than other mothers. I guess what is alarming is children who are younger need more attention than older children. I know that when I was a nanny the two summers before coming to college there was no way I could actively use social media and give the kids the attention they needed because they were both under five years old. Maybe these moms just have a lot of practice – ha!

Social Media Moms


While reading the article about moms and their social media usage, I can’t say I was surprised. During my internship this summer, I was exposed to a league of “supermoms” through my company’s partnership with the Lifetime show, Pretty Wicked Moms.  When I was first introduced to the show, I had no idea what it was or what it was about. The only television I watch consists of dramas from the ABC network, and is never reality TV. During the premiere event, I was able to meet the cast and observe them in a social setting (without their kids). Throughout the summer I watched the show and observed how these Atlanta moms lived their lives. I also followed them on their social media to see how they were interacting with their new fans, each other, and what type of image they were putting out about themselves. Before the end of the summer I ultimately unfollowed all of them due to their poor social media etiquette. It came to a point where I couldn’t scroll through my Twitter timeline without seeing strings of tweets from the moms. After witnessing this first hand through their social media accounts and their use of technology on the show, I fully believe the article’s claims. In my opinion, these moms who use social media are going to follow brands that will enrich the lives’ of their kids and then will ultimately determine purchase decisions.

In regards to my client, PetSmart targets pet parents. While that is not necessarily moms, I think they are already taking steps in the right direction. When developing new social media content, the client should target moms by making the pet seem like a family member and using emotional appeal.

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Trick or Treat!



As a munchkin, I thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. There was nothing better than dressing up in silly costumes, having the run of the neighborhood for the night (while driving your parents crazy), and ending up with a mother-load of sweets. Growing up, my mom handmade a lot of my costumes and that automatically made them way cooler than anything from Party City (thanks, Mom!). My Halloween costumes ranged from Disney princesses, witches, Smarty Pants, and more. My favorite is our favorite purple dinosaur, Barney. Not only does the furry dinosaur suit do a lot of talking for itself, but this seems to be by far my most memorable Halloween. For some reason, these pictures are always the token baby pictures dug out of the scrapbook when I have friends home from college. Thankfully, my parents have decided to go easy on me all this time – it could have been a lot worse.


As the youngest of four, my older brothers were always tasked with carving the pumpkins. Letsbehonest – I was way too much of a diva for all that. I do, however, have fond memories sitting on the back deck with my older siblings, watching them struggle with their carvings as Mom roasted the pumpkin seeds inside.  Since going away to college, I have found myself decorating my own pumpkins with my monogram or glitter but have still yet to carve one! A few years ago, I decorated a Georgia Southern themed pumpkin but never thought about it from a “public relations” angle. I was simply trying to show my school spirit. Looking back on it and others that I have seen, I think this is a great way for universities to engage with their students, alumna, and fans. The clothing company I work for, Southern Tide, began a pumpkin carving/decorating contest on Instagram. This is another way for companies and businesses to keep their brand in their public’s front of mind and to stay relevant. 

Feedback Features – Week 8

Matt, as much as I love the fair it makes me laugh to hear your “Grinch” perspective and imagine this post in your voice with proper sarcasm in all the right places. Like you, my parents didn’t trust fair rides or “carnies”.  As retired Air Force, my dad was extremely protective of his youngest daughter and hardly let me out of the house unless it was for school or organized sports. Being able to go to the fair for me was like finding another sense of freedom (silly – I know) from my dad. I definitely appreciate your perspective and you wouldn’t be Matt Morrison if you didn’t go against the current a little.

I think it is so cool that you grew up in Romania, Andrea! I know I’ve told you that before but thinking about how different a fair would be there is really interesting. I love that it was a big celebration or like a holiday! One of my goals before I have children is to travel abroad and I hope that I get to experience a fair internationally like you have discussed.

We’re going to the fair!


My sorority’s Chapter Council last year at the fair

As a child, my family didn’t have a tradition of attending the fair. We had many other fall traditions such as going to the North Georgia mountains to watch the leaves turn colors or going apple picking but going to the fair every year just wasn’t one of them. When I started college at Georgia Southern, I decided that I wanted to start my own traditions and begin attending the fair with my friends. There was something about the crisp, cool air and the leaves beginning to change that made everyone happy to celebrate the new season with the fair in Statesboro. My freshman year, I went to fair with my roommate. It is safe to say that we had more fun than many of the children who were attending. For the next two years, I attended the fair with the guy I dated throughout college. For someone who didn’t attend the fair as a child, going to the fair on a date was like something out of a movie. Last fall, I went to the fair with my sorority and we had a blast. We shared our favorite fried fair foods such as funnel cakes, fried oreos, and more. That year I was talked into riding a ride that I would have never gotten on by my own free will. It sort of looks like a ship and goes upside down. It may just be me – but I have trust issues with rides that can be taken apart and transported. Thankfully, I lived to tell the story but I was scared to death the entire time. Looking back on my four years at Georgia Southern, my memories at the fair are fond. Not many college students can say that they had a fair come to town where they attended college but this is something special that allowed me to make memories with my friends that will last me a lifetime.